I can't see the add to cart widget on my product page

If configured correctly you should see an add to cart widget under your add to cart button.

If you can't see this widget please read our troubleshooting steps below.

1. Ensure the widget is active

Please ensure the Messenger opt-in checkbox is set to ON and you have clicked "Save settings"

Please note: This can take up to 5 minutes to appear on your store.

2. Are you using other apps?

If you are using other apps that create add to cart Messenger widgets also - these will have to be disabled. Please remove the other apps or disable their widgets from their app.

3. Did you recently see the discount widget - and now it no longer appears?

If you have previously seen the discount widget and now you can no longer see it - this is normal. If a customer has already seen the widget and gained a discount code- we will hide the widget for 24 hours. We do this because they have already subscribed to your Messenger - they don't need to do it again.

You can re-test this by clearing your browsers cookies or using another browser.

4. Ensure your whitelisted domains are correct.

Every domain your Shopify store is displayed on should be included here.

Eg: My store is example.myshopify.com and the store is displayed on example.com and www.example.com

The whitelisted domains should be

example.myshopify.com, example.com,  www.example.com

5. Sync your store

Clicking this button will re-sync all of our data between you and the app. This will ensure everything is up to date. Please allow a few minutes to see the widget appear.